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This will be an interactive session to introduce SKA rating and is aimed at professionals that deal with project management, procurement and various process led roles. The session will cover briefly an overview of the scheme, and then focus on 3-4 points which are of interest and importance for PMs, surveyors and procurement professionals. The talk will last for 30 minutes and then another 20 minutes can be used for Q&A, aiming for a 50 min session overall. This session is free. It will be hosted as a zoom meeting to allow for discussion. If you have any queries on this introductory session or anything else, please email us at skarating@grigoriou.co.uk and we will be delighted to assist you. Alternatively, please call on 020 7580 0611 during normal UK business hours.

Session details

January 28th - 12pm

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    • Introduction to SKArating for Project Managers, Surveyors and Procurement professionals

    • Introduction of SKArating to PMs, Surveyors & Procurement Professionals

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